NEW Email SMS Notifications For More Efficient And Centralized Patient Communication
Now receive and manage inbound patient text messages alerts right in your email inbox

Healthcare practices require an efficient solution to manage patient text communication and ensure patient text messages are addressed in a timely manner. In fact, 64% of consumers think companies who text value their time and are progressive, and as a result would recommend them to others.* The good news is we've expanded Call Box Texting capabilities to include email notifications for all incoming SMS messages. As a result, it's now easier for all staff to manage incoming text communication in one centralized place: your email inbox.

With Email notifications, your staff can effectively coordinate and centralize patient care without using mobile phones. As your practice receives a text, an email alert with a direct link to the patient conversation in the Call Box Texting platform notifies your staff of the new message. Your staff can quickly address the patient's concern without changing their device - resulting in a better patient experience and more streamline workflow.

This feature is already available for existing Call Box users. You can subscribe to email alerts directly from Call Box's Texting. Call Box' Texting Solution provides healthcare practices a more effective tool to seamlessly coordinate patient appointments. Office staff can receive messages and reach out to patients via text on cell phones, tablets, computers, or any other connected device.

To learn more about Call Box Texting, visit https://www.callbox.com/features/texting/