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Discover how Call Box uncovers opportunities to optimize your phone processses.
Ask any healthcare provider: It's never that he or she doesn't want to listen to more patient calls; it's that there simply isn't the time or resources to do so effectively.

Appointments slip through the cracks. Training and feedback lose their edge. Marketing insights are limited to incomplete and antiquated metrics.

That's where Call Box comes in. Call Box understands and solves for the challenges faced by healthcare practices to help nearly 50,000 businesses Own The Phone.

By speaking to a solution expert, you'll learn how Call Box uniquely provides healthcare practices:

Actionable insight into 100% of their patient calls
Improved call routing efficiency
Detailed phone metrics down to the location and agent levels
Measurable phone handling and conversion results
Visibility into which marketing sources are actually producing results
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Client Testimonials
What I like about Call Box is it brings in information and data and puts it in a way we can use. It makes us aware of things we didn't even know, like when our phone is being connected and when it is not. It brings to light things we can now discuss and do better because we know better.”
Todd McKnight
Regional Director of Operations
Heartland Dental
I would recommend Call Box to other call center managers because you can customize it to what you need. I don't have a quality assurance program or team — my team is my senior management — so additional help has been tremendous. If we want to be great at what we do, then we need feedback. If all Call Box did was provide us with recordings, that'd be great, but they do so much more than just that for us.”
Sandy Vazquez
Call Center Manager