Intelligent tools for superior phone performance
Call Box provides comprehensive phone solutions that simplify communication and reduce inefficiencies in call handling.
The quickest, most effective way to improve your business is to leverage the phone.
Cloud Phone System
Ditch outdated hardware systems that are difficult to configure and expensive to maintain. Quickly make adjustments with Call Box's flexible and reliable VoIP system.

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Human & Artificial Intelligence Call Review
Uncover and resolve gaps in phone processes with a unique combination of human reviewers and machine learning technology.
Actionable Feedback
Drive a culture of phone accountability with continuous feedback loops that change the outcome of a call before it ends.
Customized Caller Experience
Call Box delivers an optimal caller experience through custom call routing, specified time conditions, custom auto attendants, personalized voicemail greetings, and more.
Communication Dashboard
Call Box presents your agents with customer history, lead source information, and performance indicators as live calls come into your business.
Intelligent Routing and Queuing
Call Box connects callers to the right place as quickly as possible based on previous interactions, predicted agent success, and advanced call routing.
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