Implementation Services

Call Box will provide comprehensive consulting and support to ensure proper system configuration and CRISP implementation.


On-Site Training - Provide in store training for managers and staff to implement the CRISP methodology and processes for CRM traffic management, salvaging missed opportunities, outbound calling, and inbound call assignment.

Phone Number Management and Inventory Control - Establish appropriate inventory and train on best practices for creating, labeling, and maintaining phone numbers.

Local and Toll-Free Numbers Porting - Manage number porting process to ensure ownership and control is maintained throughout to prevent disruptions in service when transferring numbers between providers.

Change Consulting - If applicable, coordinate with the client and any thirdparty IT resources to correct deficiencies and perform any necessary systems updates for configuration changes. (On site engineering at an additional cost.)

Phone System Assessment - Verify existing systems meet the minimum requirement to support Call Box implementations and recommend any changes or upgrades necessary to bring existing systems up to standards.

Telephony Infrastructure Health Check - Conduct a current calls/line busy study to quantify current capacity and analyze call volume and routing configurations to identify system limitations and existing leakage points.

Outbound Calling Setup - Perform DID Check and Maintenance and establish local infrastructure and verify local inventory requirements to support recorded outbound calling via click to call.

Tracking Line Placement - Assist in the placement of primary marketing lines.

Staff List Management - Assist in creating all staff profiles and establish best practices for managing staff turnover.

CRM Integration - Establish proper share setup with CRM partners to ensure that calls are populating in CRM based on the client's preference.

IVR Setup and Deployment - Coordinate the build and deployment of an automated greeting and bridge based on the client's operational demands.

Testing and Verification - Conduct systems verification testing throughout implementation to ensure proper setup and continuous coverage.

Management Training - Comprehensive training on the reporting platform and all management functionality included.

Report Setup - Assist in setting up the desired alerts and report delivery functions.