Call Box Web Form Leads for Healthcare Lead Management

Efficiently Handle Patient Website Leads Before They Slip Through the Cracks

Your practice often receives an overwhelming number of form submissions through your websites that contain high-value patient opportunities. However, the conventional approach has been less than efficient. Many of these leads end up scattered in random inboxes, leading to confusion, missed appointment opportunities, and frustrated staff members.

To provide you with a more effective tool to manage patient website appointment requests and inquiries, Call Box offers a dedicated place where healthcare professionals can manage their website form leads.

Leverage Call Box Web Form Leads to:

Compile and manage all website form leads in one place
Specify leads as active, handled, or rejected
Filter and remove spam leads
Take notes on each patient that are visible to the whole team
Track the history of each lead and which staff member was responsible for each action
Easily access patient history
Seamlessly call the patient from the Web Form Leads pod
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