3 New Year's Resolutions Your Practice Needs to Set in 2023

With the holiday hustle and bustle behind us, now is a great time to reflect on what areas you'd like your practice to improve on in the upcoming year. Setting New Year's resolutions can position practice for success for the rest of 2023... if done correctly. The phones are a critical tool in carrying out your goals throughout the rest of the year, and Call Box's features will only enhance your efforts. Here are three realistic yet ambitious goals to set for your practice and exactly which Call Box tool can help you successfully execute them.

Increase the Number of Booked Appointments

Call Box Feature: Practice Performance Report

Every practice wants to bring more patients through its doors. How your staff handles patient opportunities over the phone directly affects conversion rates for booked appointments. Leverage Call Box's Practice Performance Report to track how many appointments are requested over the phone. While it may seem obvious, verbally inviting patients into your practice is an often overlooked yet vital step for increasing booked appointments. The Practice Performance Report provides the transparency needed to identify which staff members are requesting an appointment. This report also serves as a great opportunity to track which staff members may need more training and offer coachable moments. Keeping this report top of mind throughout the year will ensure your staff is properly handling the phone.

Recapture More Missed Patient Opportunities

Call Box Feature: Pursue Box

Find missed opportunities that slipped through the cracks by checking your Pursue Box daily, at minimum. Unconnected and mishandled calls are automatically identified and placed into your Pursue Box. This gives your practice another chance to turn missed opportunities into pursuable patients. It is best practice to follow up on unconnected calls within two hours. Therefore, it is important to stay vigilant and consistently check your Pursue Box. A helpful tip is to schedule a time block in the day that is dedicated to sifting through and following up on these calls.

Generate More Marketing ROI

Call Box Feature: Tracking Lines and Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)

Set your practice up for success by identifying exactly which marketing efforts are generating true ROI. Expensive marketing efforts cause your money to go down the drain when you don’t have enough insight into which campaigns are generating true patient opportunities. Utilize Call Box’s tracking lines and Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) to pinpoint exactly which sources are leading to phone call conversions. With Call Box, 100% of calls that occur on your tracking lines are reviewed to provide more in-depth reporting beyond just the number of phone calls generated. Transparent reporting lets you know the outcome of these phone calls and helps you decipher which marketing sources are generating valuable leads. With these tools, you can dictate which paid channels or campaigns you’d like to focus your marketing dollars toward.

The new year provides a fresh start for your practice to close the gaps and overcome your biggest challenges. Conquer your practice’s goals by leveraging Call Box’s tools and features to consistently track your performance throughout the year.

If you’d like to learn more about how Call Box arms healthcare practices with the tools they need to improve staff performance, optimize patient outcomes, and increase marketing ROI, visit callbox.com or call 866-275-5403.