"Reasons Not Connected" Review Categorization Update
Per user feedback, we're excited to introduce more clarity in "Reasons Not Connected" reporting and re-introduce a prior, popular category: callers who didn't leave a live message.

Connect is the foundation of every phone call your practice receives and sets the tone for the conversation ahead. It's necessary to connect every patient to someone who can help in order to provide the best possible patient experience and capture every opportunity. This area requires detailed insight to make adjustments and see ongoing improvement. Call Box has therefore significantly reduced the types of calls landing in the "Other" category of Reasons Not Connected to provide more detailed insight to clients and remove ambiguity.

Furthermore, Call Box has enhanced our recognition of potential spam calls and is now able to more distinctly classify calls in a way which gives managers clarification on recommended adjustments to improve their practice's Connect Score.

Previously, calls were marked as "Other" for a variety of reasons such as having audio consisting only of a dial tone or music, lasting only a few seconds in length, losing connection during a conversion, or having distorted audio. Often, many of these calls marked as "Other" were not legitimate opportunities within the control of the practice or staff. However, as a result of heightened spam recognition, you'll see improved categorization of your not-connected calls and a slight increase in your Connect Score due to spam calls not attributing towards your call connection.

Now, non-connected calls are further qualified to categorize patients who had a live conversation but did not leave a live message with the representative or receptionist who answered the call. As a result of this update, you gain a better understanding on how to improve connection at your practice and ultimately, get more callers connected with a qualified agent who can help.

Lastly, back by popular demand, a prior category is added back: callers who didn't leave a live message.

If you have any questions on this update or would like to review your practice's Connect Score in greater detail with a Call Box consultant, email us at content@callbox.com to set up a call.