4 Ways to Improve Patient and Staff Experience

Peanut butter and jelly. Bread and butter. Surf and sand. Thunder and lightning. See where this is going?

These things all go together. One is great by itself, but both together reach a whole new level of satisfaction.

In the patient experience platform space, that is how finding the right integration is and how it should be. With so many platforms out there, once you find the platform that you love, that you have grown accustomed to, you don't want to have to leave it in order to use another product you also like. Instead, why not bring in another system that can smoothly communicate with the platform you enjoy and make it even better?

Call Box understands this importance for the practices we partner with and that is why integrating with NexHealth was an easy decision. Call Box provides comprehensive phone solutions that simplify communication and reduce inefficiencies in call handling. NexHealth assists medical and dental practices of all sizes transform the patient experience, save staff time, and earn more revenue.

Healthcare practices are seeking that perfect combination of practice management systems to have all the necessary information in one place. Although Call Box and NexHealth can each benefit your practice on their own, here are four reasons why together they can take your practice to the next level:

  1. Streamline Business Processes

    Having less steps to take saves time, and saving time is key to efficiency. NexHealth allows seamless 24/7 online scheduling. Call Box is able to extract detailed patient information and display it in Call Box. When speaking with a patient or reviewing missed opportunities, all patient items your staff needs to be successful are in one place. Together, Call Box and NexHealth deliver an encompassing review of your patients, scheduled appointments and opportunities.

  2. Enhance User Experience for Staff and Patients

    NexHealth's tools offer plenty of ways to improve patient experience. Patients can easily contact your practice, communicate with your staff, book appointments, and pay invoices with user-friendly online features. In addition to this, Call Box will display patient name, appointment insight, and provide a direct link back to the patient record in NexHealth. This thorough display of scheduling makes it easy for staff to identify all upcoming appointments scheduled via either the phone or online when combining Call Box and NexHealth.

  3. Create Greater Insight

    Acquiring a new patient is exciting and having a patient return for another visit is something to celebrate. But how did that patient find your practice in the first place? NexHealth provides in-depth information to understand when and where your patients are coming from when scheduling online appointments. To ensure the phones are covered as well, Call Box gives detailed reporting to trace the source of where your patients called from. Calls can then further be reviewed to find out the result of the conversation and see how your staff is handling them. This comprehensive insight allows you to learn more about your patients and maximize your marketing efforts, while also extending potential training opportunities to your team.

  4. Generate Revenue

    Even with a fully booked schedule, there is no guarantee all of those patients will show up for their appointments. Whatever his or her reason, a no show equates to lost revenue. However, NexHealth's alert feature will notify your staff of any no show appointments. Further to this, Call Box will send alerts for any mishandled phone calls, where an appointment was not booked. Call Box also allows for your team to make outbound phone calls and follow up with any of these no show appointments. As for the patients that need a reminder for their upcoming appointment, NexHealth will alert you of these too so your team can make that helpful call your patients appreciate. In the case of a patient who calls in without booking an appointment, NexHealth and Call Box will flag this with alerts and additional reporting available in Call Box. This double coverage from NexHealth and Call Box will lessen the chances of losing patients who don't show up or simply forget their upcoming appointments.

Overall, ensuring you have extensive visibility over your practice and your patients is critical. A fully integrated practice management system establishes complete insight where your staff can have the resources necessary to carry out their jobs, be held accountable, and your patients are given an enjoyable experience. With integrating NexHealth and Call Box, all the information you need to grow your practice and reach more patients is right there in front of you.

If you want to learn more about Call Box or NexHealth, check us out here.