Product Update: User Engagement Report Additions

We've revamped the User Engagement Report!

In order to better empower Administrative Users with knowledge regarding their team's activity in Call Box, here are some changes we made:

  • Restructuring the data into four easy and approachable categories.
  • We restructured the data into four easy and approachable categories: Interactions, Reports, Staff Profiles, and Tracking Lines.
  • We introduced the Interactions section, which highlights the calls your team members are interacting with and includes a link to the call.
  • The interactions we're now reporting on include:
  • Added Note to Call
  • Listened to Call
  • Modified Call Review
  • Shared Call
  • Logins
  • Making this report downloadable for spreadsheets and aggregate reporting.

Knowing how your staff is using Call Box reporting is a critical step in optimizing the data at your disposal and creating more business for your company.

Check out the updated User Engagement Report HERE.

Contact your Call Box consultant or Call Box Support and learn how you can take advantage of this report!