New Call Detail Feature: Unaddressed Patient Detection
Indicator added to Call Box's Call Details quickly identifies stranded patients who still require follow-up from staff

Unaddressed Patient Detection — now live in all Call Box accounts — detects and flags patients awaiting follow-up from the practice and requiring immediate attention. When a caller doesn't connect with someone who can help and hasn't received a follow-up call or text, the patient's missed call in Call Box are detected and flagged.

Detected patient calls who have yet to be addressed are marked with an orange indicator next to the patient's call detail or text conversation. When a user marks the call as addressed after taking care of the patients' needs or an outbound return call is made through Call Box, the indicator will no longer light up orange as a call that requires the team's attention.

These flagged interactions help Call Box users ensure stranded callers' questions are addressed and allow for easy identification of patients who have and have not received a follow-up call. Consistently reviewing flagged patient interactions as part of your daily process will result in helping more patients and ultimately, a better patient experience on the phone and more booked appointments.

Call Box users can prioritize follow-up with unaddressed patients flagged in their Call Box account. The orange indicators which appear on Call Box' Call Details and text conversations signify stranded patients who require a follow-up call or response from your team to address further questions.

Addressing Unaddressed Patients
How to utilize and integrate Unaddressed Patient Detection in your Call Box processes

Connecting callers is the first, essential step to capture more appointment opportunities on the phone. Oftentimes, practices struggle with connecting patients due to long wait times and callers giving up on hold before they speak with someone who can help.

Ensuring these patients are helped in a timely manner should be a top priority at every practice.

Common, but frustrating, patient interactions flagged as Unaddressed include when the caller:

  • Reaches voicemail
  • Hangs up on hold
  • Does not speak with a someone who can help at the practice

For users utilizing Call Box Texting, patient texts awaiting a reply are also flagged in the texting platform's patient conversation.

Once a patient receives a follow-up or reconnects with someone at the practice either by a phone call initiated through a Call Box tracking line, or receives a text message reply, the unaddressed status is resolved on all interactions with this patient.

Users also have the option to manually resolve the detection and update the Unaddressed status. If a practice does not utilize Call Box's outbound call tracking for enhanced reporting on patient follow-up calls, the practice should implement a process to manually update the addressed status of the patient. Manual changes to the patient's status are documented on the Call Detail or patient text thread with a timestamp and user data.

Consistent review and manual updating of pending unaddressed patients will significantly improve patient phone experience by ensuring every callers' needs and questions are addressed.

Unaddressed Patient Detection is another valuable tool providing Call Box users actionable insight to leverage the phone at their practices. This update is live on all Call Box packages. For more information or additional questions, email content@callbox.com or call Support at 214-446-7867.