Revamped Website Conversions Report

You shouldn't need an advanced marketing degree to understand what's triggering calls from your website.

That's why we've simplified our Website Conversions report into an easily digestible format and added newly designed insights!

This revamped report also includes additional categorization on website calls to help identify true appointment opportunities and qualified leads from digital campaigns.

Now users can see:

  • Appointment opportunities and booked appointments by paid source, UTM variable, and call extension.
  • Session and Call Conversion trends combined into one graph for easier comparisons.
  • A comparison of paid calls to total calls for context to your paid conversions.
  • UTM reporting for visibility into calls based on bridge extension.
  • Calls from ads on Call Extensions in a separate section.

All data is still available by download.

Visit the redesigned Website Conversions report HERE!

For questions regarding this update, contact your Call Box consultant or Call Box Support.