Call Box Selects NexHealth's Universal EHR API to Provide Clients with Actionable Patient Insights & Reporting Metrics
Call Box selects NexHealth to provide clients with actionable patient insights and detailed reporting metrics on patient calls.

DALLAS, TX — August 16, 2021 — Call Box, the comprehensive phone optimization solution utilized by healthcare practices to gather in-depth phone call analytics and improve call outcomes, announced a partnership today with NexHealth to further enhance its product offering with real-time patient information. In doing so, Call Box will be able to capture relevant patient scheduling insight that will simplify reporting and arm practices with necessary appointment details.

A few of the many benefits mutual clients will experience from the integration include:

  • Accessing a caller's patient records from Call Box by clicking a button in the patient's call detail
  • The patient's name will be automatically displayed on all inbound and outbound calls within Call Box
  • The patient's scheduled or upcoming appointment details will be displayed on that patient's call details within Call Box

“I'm thrilled to work with NexHealth,” states Nathan Jennings, Call Box's Executive Vice President of Sales. “Call Box understands that patients increasingly demand a personalized approach to communication and the highest level of care — which starts on the phone.”

He continues, “By using NexHealth's API, we solve for gaps in patient caller information and reduce segmented workflows many managers struggle with when it comes to sifting through patient communication. We anticipate our clients will achieve notable efficiencies that are passed on to the patient. We look forward to working with NexHealth to arm providers with the transparent, actionable insight they need to better serve their patients.”

To sign up for ongoing updates about Call Box's integration with NexHealth, email content@callbox.com and submit a request to stay informed.

About NexHealth

NexHealth was founded in 2017 by Alamin Uddin and Waleed Asif, both recognized by Forbes' 30 under 30 in 2018. Our mission is to accelerate healthcare innovation by connecting patients, doctors, and developers through the first Patient Experience Platform. A platform that's serving over 75K providers, 30M patients, and hundreds of health tech developers today.

About Call Box

As the leading provider of comprehensive phone solutions, Call Box believes the phone should be an asset to your organization, not an overwhelming liability to manage. Being top-notch on the phone shouldn't be complicated or time-consuming. That's where Call Box comes in. Call Box leverages human reviewers and artificial intelligence to track, review, and analyze 100% of the calls generated by thousands of healthcare practices. This allows managers to gain in-depth, actionable insight into the outcome of their calls to connect with more patients, improve caller experience, and convert more appointments opportunities.

For more information regarding Call Box, please contact us at content@callbox.com or visit us at callbox.com.