Call Box Launches Easy-to-Read Revamped Healthcare Reports

DALLAS, TX — September 7, 2022 | Call Box, the industry-leading call tracking and phone solutions provider, is thrilled to release their completely revamped healthcare reports that increase efficiency and makes tracking vital data-backed information easier to navigate.

In effort to deliver what’s most important to the user, Call Box’s Practice Performance Report now puts healthcare practices’ phone call data in one place to make this data more accessible. This vital report keeps missed revenue opportunities from slipping through the cracks.

The Practice Performance Report offers brand new features and insights that give practices a competitive advantage:

  • Use the “Patient Lifetime Value” to identify lost revenue: Map missed patient opportunities to revenue losses by incorporating cost-per-patient value
  • Stay up to date with conversion rates: Know the trajectory of your phone call trend data on a week-to-week basis
  • Use the report as a one-stop shop for all phone call analysis needs: Gain insight into your peak call hours and discover the marketing sources that are driving those calls

Furthermore, Call Box highlights the importance of staff generating a positive phone experience by moving the Staff Activity Report to a standalone report. This provides concise agent-by-agent performance data for inbound and outbound calling. This insightful data isn’t limited to just one location. The Enterprise Staff Report allows multi-practice healthcare organizations to gain insight into how their staff is performing across locations.

“Working with our key clients, we knew we needed to deliver reporting that made it simple and efficient to find the phone calls that needed attention,” Executive Vice President of Product Planning and Marketing Jackie Bowers states. “We took this feedback and implemented a report that delivers the necessary solutions. I am excited to provide these changes as it makes it easier for our clients to identify and tackle their own set of unique needs.”

At the forefront of providing innovative and effective phone handling solutions, Call Box understands the growing frustrations practices have when faced with complicated systems and data they don’t understand. Call Box is constantly evolving and will continue to provide healthcare practices new ways to foster superior phone performance. To learn more about the solutions Call Box provides healthcare practices to improve phone handling and patient call outcomes, visit https://www.callbox.com or call 833-724-1181.