Call Box and Complete Specialty Solutions Announce Strategic Partnership to Arm Mutual Clients with Comprehensive Phone Handling Insight
Call Box and Complete Specialty Solutions announce a strategic partnership to support mutual dental and DSO clients by arming them with actionable insight into phone performance to help grow their practices.

DALLAS, TXJanuary 19, 2021 — Call Box, the comprehensive phone optimization solution utilized by dental practices and DSOs to gain visibility into their phone calls, capture more appointments, and improve caller experience, announced a partnership today with Complete Specialty Solutions (CSS), the leading provider of turn-key in-house specialty solutions for dental support organizations and independent offices.

In leveraging Call Box, CSS will have access to in-depth phone performance insights, actionable phone trends across locations and staff, and cutting-edge phone handling technology. Call Box will apply advanced routing techniques to ensure patients are reaching the best in-house specialist for their needs; in doing so, Call Box solves for limited visibility into overall phone call metrics for each practice. This allows CSS to showcase its team's call conversion rates to ensure every phone call is being handled at an expert level. Furthermore, Call Box will be able to identify and alert CSS of phone performance trends to make actionable, immediate adjustments to capture every patient opportunity and provide an ideal patient experience over the phone.

“I'm excited to announce this strategic partnership with Complete Specialty Solutions and assist in their goal to provide dental organizations of all sizes with access to top-notch specialty solutions,” said Nathan Jennings, Executive Vice President of Sales at Call Box. “Being at the forefront of phone handling technology, Call Box understands that patients increasingly demand a seamless caller experience. We look forward to working with CSS to elevate phone performance and provide actionable insight that will foster ongoing growth for the organization.”

“Enhanced patient engagement and patient experience are at the core of our specialty services. Partnering with Call Box allows our teams to connect with patients in an efficient and effective manner thus allowing CSS to deliver high-quality specialty care to our dental office and DSO clients,” said Santosh Patel, President of Complete Specialty Solutions. “The sophistication of call tracking analysis, immediate training opportunities and transparency will improve treatment conversion and overall continuity of care.”

Founded in 2017 by dental, healthcare, and technology leaders, Complete Specialty Solutions provides in-house specialty solutions to general dentist offices through their unique combination of clinical, business, and operational support delivered as an integrated and turn-key solution across all major specialties (oral surgery, orthodontics, periodontics, and endodontics) in both solo office and large DSO operations. CSS has also built a proprietary technology platform to improve collaboration between practices, specialists, and all of the resources involved in specialty operations management.

As the leading provider of comprehensive phone solutions, Call Box believes the phone should be an asset to your organization, not an overwhelming liability to manage. Being top-notch on the phone shouldn't be complicated or time-consuming. That's where Call Box comes in. Call Box leverages human reviewers and artificial intelligence to track, review, and analyze 100% of the calls generated by thousands of healthcare practices. This allows managers to gain in-depth, actionable insight into the outcome of their calls to connect with more patients, improve caller experience, and convert more appointments opportunities.

For more information regarding Call Box and CSS, please contact us at content@callbox.com or GP@CompleteSpecialty.com or visit our respective sites at callbox.com/dental and completespecialty.com.

The Complete Specialty Solutions Team