Arm Your Practice with a Phone System Designed for Flexibility
April 22, 2020

Have you recently uncovered a critical gap in your phone system's capabilities?

Many healthcare practices have recently become frustrated with their phone system's inability to keep up with current technical demands. Now more than ever, you need to make immediate adjustments to your phone system(s). It's crucial that you can enable remote workforces, adjust call routing configuration, add/edit phone numbers, and more in a timely and efficient manner.

We're working with many practices that now have both the time and (more importantly) the need to change their phone system. Call Box provides a flexible cloud-based phone system that is smarter, simpler, and more dependable.

  1. Make Real-Time Changes from Anywhere: Quickly manage and make adjustments to your cloud-hosted system from an easy-to-use web interface and admin portal.
  2. Implement Intelligent Call Routing and Queuing: Use ring groups, call forwarding, queues, paging, and other advanced routing features to get your patients connected to the right person as quickly as possible.
  3. Utilize a WebPhone Application: Allow your team to answer calls from cell phones, tablets, or computers as if they were physically present in your office. No changes are required to your call routing - simply download the WebPhone App.

How does your current phone system stack up? Now is the critical time to take a good, hard look at your patient communication tools and uncover how you can operate more effectively.

Visit callbox.com/features/cloud-phone-system or email content@callbox.com. to learn more about Call Box Cloud Phone System and arm your practice with a smarter, simpler phone system solution.