Navigating & Responding to COVID-19 with Sala Family Dentistry

Dental practices across the country have been severely impacted by the unprecedented events of COVID-19. Many practices have temporarily closed their doors to all non-emergency patients and have had to adjust to a new way of conducting dental treatments and assisting their patients.

In this on-demand webinar, you'll discover how Sala Family Dentistry, a comprehensive dental practice located in Reno, Nevada, has proactively responded to the events of COVID-19 and its plans for the eventual reopening of its office. Angie D'Antoni, Marketing Director at Sala Family Dentistry, shares what has helped the practice navigate this challenging time and what advice she'd offer other practices.

Furthermore, you'll discover:

Sala's specific response to COVID-19 and what went into those decisions.

How technology has assisted D'Antoni and her team during this time.

How Sala plans to navigate its eventual reopening and influx of patients.

What operational and behavioral changes will be made coming out of COVID-19.

How Sala is proactively communicating with its patients and keeping them informed.

How Sala has specifically prioritized its company culture during this challenging time.

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