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The Phone Bridge Advantage: How This Simple Tool Can Transform Your Healthcare Practice
Healthcare practices with bridges have a higher call connection rate than those without. Read now to learn how to harness this powerful tool!
How To: Expertly Navigate a Patient Call from Consideration to Appointment
Download to uncover how well-crafted word tracks can make a significant difference in ensuring positive and impactful conversations with your patients!
Connecting the Dots: The Importance of Call Connection at Your Healthcare Practice
Read more to learn why call connection is essential to your practice, and how you can improve your connection rate.
4 Research-Driven Strategies to Improve Appointment Conversions
Call Box data analysts researched thousands of healthcare practices to pinpoint four data-driven tactics you can implement to see a spike in your appointment conversions over the phone.
5 Front Desk Tips to Enhance Patient Experience
In this blog, we go over five phone tips that the front desk can use to improve your practice's bottom line.
5 Soft Phone Skills That Prove Technology Can't Replace the Phone
This blog goes over 5 soft phone skills that can't be replaced by technology that your practice can use to improve patient experience.
Taking a Closer Look: 5 Insightful Healthcare Phone Trends from 2022
In this highly anticipated industry report, Call Box provides the top phone trends of 2022 compiled from thousands of phone calls across hundreds of practice partners.
3 New Year's Resolutions Your Practice Needs to Set in 2023
In this blog, we go provide three realistic yet ambitious goals your practice can set for the new year and which Call Box tool can help achieve them.
The 5 Need-to-Know Proper Phone Handling Techniques for Your Practice
Download this FREE guide to learn all 5 proven techniques that will ensure your staff is fully equipped to handle the phones!
Holiday Preparations: Get Ready for 2023 with the Phones
This blog goes over three ways your practice can use the phones to increase appointments scheduled and boost patient experiences so you can rest assured business will be booming after the holidays.
Proven Word Tracks for Answering Four Tough Patient Scheduling Objections
Use these word tracks to prepare and train your staff to expertly guide patients to an appointment and navigate objections when it comes to scheduling.
5 Phone Trends Dictating Appointment Outcomes
In this FREE data study, Call Box compiles top phone trends based on new and existing patient appointment outcomes from 2020 to 2022 by analyzing thousands of practices' phone metrics.
Phoneside Manners: 4 Strategies to Improve Patient Experience with Proper Phone Etiquette
In this blog, we go over the importance of phoneside manners and provide four strategies to assist your team with proper phone etiquette and set your practice up for success.
The Quality of Your Data Matters
In this blog, we explain how Call Box's technology leverages the phone to improve phone processes, increase booked appointments, and enhance patient experiences.
Overcoming Objections: 3 Ways to Increase Appointments Scheduled
In this blog, we put together the three top tactics to combat common objections and boost appointments scheduled.
3 Ways to Make Increased Call Volume a Growth Opportunity, Not a Hassle
This blog goes over three ways you can make sure your practice is capitalizing on the increase in call volume and own the phone (instead of letting it own you).
2021 Data Study
In this exclusive data study, Call Box examines key phone handling trends from more than 1,800 healthcare practices to present the top five industry-wide phone trends of 2021.
4 Ways to Improve Patient and Staff Experience
Learn how Call Box and NexHealth work together to help improve your patient and staff experience and take your practice to the next level.
How the Industry 10DLC Initiative Affects Texting Your Customers
In this blog, we explain what the 10DLC initiative is and why it is required for text-enabled phone numbers.
Resolving a Declining Trend in Healthcare Practices' Call Connection Performance
This e-book offers straightforward strategies to improve call connection and shares why your practice should care about connecting on the phone.
The Top 5 Phone Trends of 2020
This data study presents the top five phone trends of 2020 and shares specific data points to better understand how your practice's phone metrics compare to industry averages.
Reducing Cancellations by Setting Clear Expectations on the Phone
This blog goes over five proven recommendations to expertly leverage the phone to reduce last-minute cancellations and no-shows.
Best Practices for Bridges
Call Box offers its clients customizable bridges to be placed on any Call Box tracking line. In this guide, we go over five best practices to keep in mind when creating a bridge.
How Healthcare Practices are Managing a 69% Increase in Calls with Fewer Resources
In this data study, we show how healthcare practices handled a 69% increase in call volume in 2020 and also suggest 6 ways to effectively handle high call volume.
3 Steps to Optimize Your Front Desk by Leveraging the Tracking Line Summary
This blog goes over the importance of keeping a watchful eye on call trends in order to staff your team appropriately to ensure every patient caller is helped.
The Top 4 Features Offered by Cloud Phone Systems You'll Actually Use
This blog goes over four of the top features offered by cloud-based phone systems that healthcare practices are leveraging to effectively communicate with patients and enhance the caller experience.
3 Ways to Uncover Your Practice's Missed Patient Opportunities
In this blog, we suggest three ways you can use Call Box to follow up with missed patient opportunities.
Arm Your Practice with a Phone System Designed for Flexibility
This blog explains how Call Box provides a flexible cloud-based phone system that is smarter, simpler, and more dependable.
Reduce Patient Hold Time
Learn how you can alleviate patient hold time by utilizing Call Box's tracking line summary report.
Building an Effective Phone Script
Learn the five essential steps to build a phone script for your practice.
Appointment Case Study
This one pager shows the importance of human reviews to identify patient appointment opportunities.
CRISP Phone Skills
This guide gives a quick overview of CRISP and how it can be used to improve your practice's phone skills.
Outbound Best Practices
Follow this six-step guide to reconnect with lost callers (and book more appointments!)
Call Tracking 101
Learn about the numerous benefits call tracking has for your practice and your patient experience.
What is the Phone Costing You?
Automatically see how much revenue you could be missing out on by doing nothing to improve on the phone.
Phone Skills Cheat Sheet
This cheat sheet helps improve your phone skills using Call Box's CRISP methodology.
Booking Tough Patients Guide
Use this in-depth guide to learn how to schedule appointments for different types of difficult patients.