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Product Features
What is Dynamic Number Insertion?
5/17/2024 — Let's delve into what DNI is, how it functions, its advantages in healthcare, and how you can implement it at your practice.
Elevate Your Dental Practice with Call Box's New Phone Skills Training
5/07/2024 — Phone Skills Training is a comprehensive solution for dental practices that includes specialized phone handling training videos and an AI-fueled Call Coaching solution.
MFA Update to Align with SOC2 Compliance Efforts
4/29/2024 — In a continuous effort to improve security and maintain compliance with SOC2 regulations, we will be requiring users to re-enroll in MFA.
Enhance Security, Simplify UX, and Increase Efficiency with Call Box's Single Sign-On (SSO) Integrations
2/09/2024 — Call Box introduces a significant update that will revolutionize how you manage your practice's operations — SSO.
Transform Your Follow-Ups with Call Box's Redesigned Call Alerts
1/10/2024 — The redesigned Call Alerts empower you to respond promptly, make informed decisions, and ultimately provide a better experience for your patients.
Streamline Your Healthcare Lead Management with Web Form Leads
12/6/2023 — Call Box is pleased to introduce 'Web Form Leads' which places each website lead into one dedicated place where you can access all the information you need at your fingertips.
Enhanced Patient Protection in Call Box's Call Details
11/6/2023 — Sensitive Information Removal isolates and removes sensitive caller information from audio recordings to ensure personal data is protected and to remove practice liability.
Call Box Launches Call Tags
11/7/2023 — Call Tags attach tags to the call detail of a patient's call based on the transcription making it simpler to find and access important information from your conversations.
Innovative Reporting Released to Drive Accountability
9/25/2023 — The Pursue Opportunities Seized report drives accountability to handle Pursue Opportunity alerts as quickly as possible, ensuring customers are helped instantly.
Call Box FAQs and Guide to a Smooth Transition to GA4
5/30/2023 — Read these frequently asked questions to familiarize yourself with GA4's new features in order to have a smooth transition.
Multi-Factor Authentication Update to Align with HIPAA Compliance Efforts
6/1/2023 — In a continuous effort to improve security and maintain compliance with evolving FTC and HIPAA regulations, Call Box will be enforcing users to enable Multi-Factor Authentication.
Call Box Revamps Call Details to Deliver a Better User Experience
4/6/2023 — Call Box has enhanced Call Details with a new look and design for a friendlier user experience.
Are You Saying Your Name?
3/29/2023 — Call Box is excited to announce enhancements made to its call association process so every phone call received at your practice can be assigned to the proper staff.
Call Box Announces Newly Designed and Simplified Website Conversion Reports
2/13/2023 — Call Box introduced a newly designed Website Conversion Report that provides visibility on the originating source for calls by using data-tracking insight.
Revamped Website Conversions Report
2/7/2023 — Call Box has simplified the Website Conversions report into an easily digestible format and added newly designed insights.
Call Box Launches Easy-to-Read Revamped Healthcare Reports
9/7/2022 — Call Box has released completely revamped healthcare reports that increase efficiency and makes tracking vital data-backed information easier to navigate.
Product Update: User Engagement Report Additions
2/7/2023 — Call Box has revamped the User Engagement Report in order to better empower Administrative Users with knowledge regarding their team's activity.
GoTo Connect Integration
Utilize the best-in-class call monitoring and analytics with Call Box to ingest all calls from your GoTo phone system.
Call Box and NexHealth Announce Integration
8/16/2021 — Call Box selects NexHealth to provide clients with actionable patient insights and detailed reporting metrics on patient calls.
Call Box Product Features and Descriptions
The features listed in this guide provide a glimpse of how Call Box can assist your practice in gaining in-depth insight and transforming overall phone performance.
Benefits of a Phone Bridge
This guide explains what a phone bridge is and the numerous benefits it can provide for your practice.
NEW Email SMS Notifications For More Efficient Patient Communication
5/17/2021 — Call Box now provides email SMS notifications that allow you to receive and manage inbound patient text messages alerts right in your email inbox.
"Reasons Not Connected" Review Categorization Update
4/14/2021 — Call Box is excited to introduce more clarity in "Reasons Not Connected" reporting and re-introduce a prior, popular category: callers who didn't leave a live message.
New Call Detail Feature: Unaddressed Patient Detection
1/29/2021 — Indicator added to Call Box's Call Details quickly identifies stranded patients who still require follow-up from staff.
How-To Guide: Assigning Agent Calls
1/19/2021 — Use this quick how-to guide to learn how you can assign calls to your staff in just two clicks!
Call Box: Call Center Overview
Learn about how Call Box tracks, records, and analyzes 100% of calls received by call centers, as well as uses both human reviewers and AI to report on these calls.
Call Box Solutions: Patient Outreach
Call Box provides a comprehensive patient outreach solution for healthcare practices that need expert assistance in managing outbound calling efforts.
Website Calls Update
12/14/2020 — Call Box introduces an innovative update to the Website Calls feature that provides group practices deeper insight into an individual location's phone calls when a website is shared among offices!
Enhancements to Search for a Call
8/11/2020 — The Search for a Call page has new visual and practical updates to make it easier to find the calls you're looking for.
Call Details Update: Seen History
6/16/2020 — Call Box introduces improved accountability with Call Details, including a log of users who have seen patient calls.
Call Box Cloud Phone System
Learn about the numerous benefits from the Call Box and GoTo Connect Cloud Phone System integration that can help improve your phone system.
Product Preview
Learn how Call Box can help improve your practice's phone skills, gain insight into every call, and help book more appointments.
Product Packet
This product packet explains what Call Box is and how it can provide your practice with the tools necessary to improve phone performance and patient experience.
Pursue Box
Learn about how Pursue Box collects the most important calls that require immediate attention.
Website Calls Basic & Optimize Guide
This guide goes over the difference between Website Calls Basic and Website Calls Optimize and how they can be used to track where your inbound calls are coming from.
Sentiment Detection
Sentiment Detection uses artificial intelligence to analyze callers' tone of speech, cadence, rhythm, and volume.
Enterprise Reporting
Enterprise reporting helps you quickly identify which locations are your top performers, and which ones need more attention to grow.
Website Calls Optimize
Website Calls tracks website call conversions and has the ability to identify real business opportunity calls, resulting in more booked appointments.
Call Box Call Center Solution
Optimize your workflow with real-time performance analytics, information from integrated patient management systems, caller history, and live call coaching capabilities.
Implementation Services
Call Box will provide comprehensive consulting and support to ensure proper system configuration and CRISP implementation.