4 Research-Driven Strategies to Improve New and Existing Appointment Conversions at Your Practice

The phone is the backbone of every successful healthcare practice. It is the first point of contact patients have with your practice, it is tied to the thousands of marketing dollars your practice puts toward growth and engagement, and it is used to convey important patient information. A patient's first interaction with your practice is over the phone, and it is your job to sell your practice and the experience they will receive — all while showing a positive and warm sentiment.

Call Box data analysts researched thousands of healthcare practices to get the most accurate and realistic new and existing patient phone trends from 2022. Through our study, we have captured data that further verifies the phone's significance on patient experience and appointment conversions. Dial into these four data-driven tactics at your practice to see a spike in your appointment conversion rates over the phone.

In this comprehensive research study, you'll discover:

Four strategies to increase patient experience, patient retention, and appointment conversion rates

If your practice should set up a phone tree, based on actual client statistics

Which marketing sources are driving new versus existing patient opportunities

The most common healthcare procedures mentioned during patient calls and which ones are more likely to convert to appointments

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