The 9 Need-to-Knows in
Proper Phone Handling

Despite the multitude of ways to communicate with patients, the phone remains the top resource for practices to utilize in providing their patients with great experiences. With patient experience correlating directly with the overall success of a practice, ensuring your staff is fully equipped to handle the phones is vital.

In our on-demand webinar, Call Box's Ford Kirk will share the nine best practices when it comes to phone handling, how the phone can be applied to different departments in your practice, and reasons why technology cannot replace the patient experience. You'll walk away knowing how you can leverage the phone to set standards across phone handling practices, track inbound and outbound call outcomes, and create enhancements in call performance that improve patient experience and increase appointments scheduled.

In this free webinar, you'll discover:

What you need to know to improve phone handling for your practice

How the phone can be leveraged across different departments

Tools to measure phone handling performance to hold staff accountable

Why the phone can be your top resource in delivering top-notch patient experiences

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For over five years, Ford has been part of the Call Box team, serving in a multitude of roles and positions working with both clients and partners. The main goal of each engagement is founded on helping our clients improve their processes by taking important and meaningful data and crafting applicable solutions.