Why So Many Businesses Are Moving Phones to the Cloud
A Q&A Session with Call Box's Phone System Experts

Many businesses experience frustration with outdated, unmanageable phone systems that are difficult to configure and offer limited visibility into phone calls. Often, these legacy phone systems are the culprit of phone calls never being connected to someone who can help. Furthermore, businesses are left without the insight and ability to make necessary changes to improve caller experience. Recently, cloud-based phone systems have increasingly become popular as an alternative among businesses due the flexibility, functionality, and insight they offer.

In this on-demand webinar, you'll gain a better understanding of what your current phone system is and why there is so much discussion around cloud-based phone systems - what cloud-based phone systems are, the specific benefits, and if you should consider one.

Furthermore, you'll discover:

What types of phone systems businesses use today and potential limitations

What a cloud-based phone system is and why businesses are moving to them

The current trends that make cloud phone systems a good idea

What types of businesses should consider cloud phone systems

What to look out for when vetting different cloud phone system providers

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