The Metrics that Matter in 2020
Phone Training that Translates to Your Bottom Line

As competition in the healthcare industry continues to rise, it becomes more crucial than ever that healthcare organizations develop training plans for their staff centered around phone handling.

A patient's impression of a practice is often determined within the first few minutes of his or her initial phone call with your team -- staff must handle these patient calls with expertise and guide patients to the optimal call outcome.

In our exclusive webinar, Matt Cooke will review the most impactful healthcare phone trends of 2019 and offer specific recommendations to develop a successful phone training plan for 2020. He'll provide proven phone training techniques you can implement immediately with your staff, as well as insightful guidance for ongoing phone training strategies.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

Detailed phone handling trends from 2019.
How to incorporate the phone in your 2020 training plan.
Effective phone training strategies to implement today.
Recommendations to overcome common training challenges.
Specific techniques to enhance your practice's phone training plan.
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Prior to his last 5 years with Call Box, Matt worked at Epic Systems and has consulted with healthcare organizations of all sizes across the United States. Specializing in communications, change management, and enterprise growth, he is passionate about fusing technology and people to improve patient outcomes and experiences.