20-Minute Masterclass:
5 Phone Trends Top-Performing Practices Are Leveraging in 2024

The data is in and the numbers don't lie.

Call Box experts analyzed hundreds of thousands of phone calls across our healthcare partners in 2023. In doing so, we're now able to share detailed metrics and insightful trends to help you and your staff discern what happened on the phones in 2023 to best prepare you in 2024.

Last year was the lowest call volume per practice location since 2019. This means that every time someone calls into your practice, there is more weight associated with each call, so, Call Box wants to ensure you are handling every call as such.

Are you handling these phone calls properly?

Watch now to uncover:

The 5 phone trends pivotal to your practice's success in 2024

How you can improve patient experience by bettering your phone skills

The key areas of improvement for your industry to focus on in 2024

Detailed data to help make informed decisions on phone processes

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A Dallas native, Chelsey graduated from Southern Methodist University in 2015, with a degree in Biological Sciences, and a minor in Mandarin Chinese. She worked as a Microbiology Technologist at Medical City of Dallas. Chelsey now works at Call Box as a Client Sucess Consultant. Her mission is to help healthcare organizations learn customer service skills, gain the knowledge to convert more opportunities on the phone, and increase their bottom line through more booked appointments.