The Healthcare Industry's Guide to a Successful GA4 Transition

As many know, Google will stop processing data into Universal Analytics and replace this with Google Analytics 4 on July 1st, 2023. While many healthcare practices are proactively making this switch, many are also behind the ball in adequately setting up and running their analytics. Healthcare practices need to have these insights established and clearly understand how to comprehend this data and how it integrates with other software in their tech stack.

In this on-demand webinar, Steve Hamrell and Jayah Kai-samba, our resident Google Analytics experts, will review the changes that will occur on July 1st and uncover the benefits of GA4 when analyzing phone handling performance. The phone is a vital asset at your practice, and GA4 can help you understand how different marketing tracking lines are performing alongside a call tracking solution like Call Box. By staying ahead of the curve and properly setting up your analytics before Universal Analytics retires, your practice will be above the competition and ready to Own the Phone.

In this FREE webinar, you'll uncover:

A proper understanding of GA4 and how it differs from Universal Analytics

Benefits of utilizing GA4 at your healthcare practice

Best practices for getting your analytics set up

How GA4 effectively integrates with Call Box and how we can assist in improving phone handling metrics at your practice

Trending FAQs regarding GA4, as well as the opportunity to get your own questions answered

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A 15+ year automotive technology thought leader, Steve has worked at DealerSocket/Solera, Carvana, and other industry giants prior to joining the Call Box team. Bringing a unique customer-centric perspective to the practice of Product development, Steve is wholly focused on delivering an improved customer experience with every project that crosses his desk. Having spent years working directly with customers Steve has a unique understanding of what it takes to move the needle for them every day.

Jayah has worked at Call Box for 11 years serving in various capacities of consulting, digital marketing, and most recently project management. He enjoys working with the product and development team to deliver solutions to clients to help them Own the Phone. Fun fact: One of the first projects he led was Call Box's first phone call integration into Google Analytics back in 2012.