Optimizing Dental Marketing to Grow Your Bottom Line
Are you implementing these proven dental marketing methodologies that result in increased new patient appointments?

For many dental practices and DSOs, generating new patients through marketing efforts is a challenging task. Not only can running numerous marketing campaigns at once be cumbersome, but evaluating where money is best spent can be a daunting decision to make.

In the following data study, Call Box compiles key marketing insight by evaluating more than 800,000 patient calls from dental practices across the United States. The resulting insight provides clarity into the ideal methodologies for measuring marketing success, approaching various marketing mediums, and optimizing call outcomes.

In this data study, you'll discover:

Recommended methodologies for measuring marketing efforts.
Common mistakes managers make evaluating marketing success.
An in-depth comparison of various marketing mediums.
Transparent insight to make more informed marketing decisions.
Techniques to improve the outcome of marketing-driven calls.
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