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Continuing Education Courses for Dental Professionals

Call Box is pleased to offer 19 Continuing Education courses through CE Zoom to support the growing need of dental professionals to earn their continuing education credits through self-study and distance learning methods. Fill out the form below to watch the on-demand courses and take the quizzes to earn your credits through CE Zoom.

Connection: The #1 Leak in Your Practice's Phone Process
Discover operational and technical recommendations for overcoming gaps in connection performance, as well as tips to optimize phone techniques and capture more appointments.
Call Box Fundamental Training
Walk through a basic training of Call Box. Learn how to navigate the platform, what each report means, what analytics and trends to track, and how features should be best utilized.
Call Box Advanced Training: Key Phone Habits
Learn how to optimize Call Box's platform and customize it to your needs. Discover how to take action on the data, streamline workflow, and implement best practices.
Overcoming the Sales Mentality on Patient Calls
Master essential strategies to assist staff in converting calls into appointments and ensure your agents are inviting patients into the practice on every call.
Overcoming Scheduling Objections
Identify proven tactics to overcome the top five common objections when scheduling appointments over the phone. Review recommended methods to track scheduling activity.
Outbound Calling Strategies
Learn how to pursue your patients with a healthy outbound calling process. Identify strategies for making the right outbound calls at the right time with the right message.
Marketing 101
Discover how to effectively measure the success of your marketing campaigns and develop a winning marketing strategy.
Strategically Measuring and Managing Your Goals
Learn how to strategically plan and implement detailed steps to acheiving your organizational goals. Understand the common pitfalls when setting goals and how to overcome.
Artificial Intelligence in Dentistry
Discover how artificial intelligence (AI) is shaping the future of patient communication and experience. Learn how Call Box is utilizing AI in its own technology.
Your Guide to Decentralized vs. Centralized Call Centers
Learn how to identify when an organization should consider a decentralized or centralized call center model to handle its patient calls, as well as the pros and cons of both models.
How Top Dental Professionals Run Effective One-on-One Meetings
Learn how to run highly effective one-on-one meetings with your staff. From preparation to follow-up, ensure your one-on-ones are both productive and valuable for you and your team.
Strategies for Approaching Dental Marketing: In-House vs. Outsourcing
Discover detailed insight into the pros and cons of each marketing model and how to decide which is the best for your practice.
The Importance of Setting Clear Expectations on the Phone
Review the specific expectations that are important to cover with your patients on the phone leading up to their appointments. Discover why it is crucial to set expectations and the benefit of doing so for your practice.
5 Tips for Developing Leaders at Your Dental Practice
Discover five proven tips for developing effective leaders at your practice and essential strategies for setting up future leaders for success.
5 Hacks to Build an Effective Phone Script for Your Practice
Discover five proven hacks for developing an effective phone script that is customizable to your practice. Learn recommendations to prepare your team to expertly handle scheduling calls, as well as specific techniques to drive increased appointment conversions over the phone.
Optimizing Your Phone Processes to Support Organizational Growth
Learn the strategic role the phone plays in your organization's growth. Discover the specific events that may warrant making adjustments to your processes and what changes should be considered.
5 Ways to Customize Your Call Routing to Improve Patient Communication
Uncover five specific ways your practice can customize patient experience on the phone to enhance communication and provide an improved call outcome.
Checklist for Executing the Perfect Scheduling Conversation on the Phone
Walk through a detailed checklist that guides staff through handling a perfect scheduling conversation on the phone. Discover the specific steps that lead to a booked patient appointment.
Call Tracking 101
Discover how call tracking can solve the critical lack of insight into patient calls many practices struggle with, and how call tracking offers dental practices transparent call results to operate more effectively. Learn what call tracking is, how it works, and why top practices are leveraging it.
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CE Zoom LLC, is designated as an Approved PACE Provider by the Academy of General Dentistry. The formal continuing education programs of this program provider are accepted by AGD for Fellowship, Mastership and membership maintenance credit. Approval does not imply acceptance by a state or provincial board of dentistry or AGD endorsement. The current term of approval extends from 1/1/18 to 12/31/21. Provider ID # 373236

This activity has been planned and implemented in accordance with the standards of the Academy of General Dentistry Program Approval for Continuing Education (PACE) through the joint program provider approval of Zoom Education, LLC and Call Box. Zoom Education, LLC is approved for awarding FAGD/MAGD credit.