The #1 Leak in Your Practice's Phone Process
A patient's first impression of your practice often determines whether he or she will ultimately schedule an appointment with your team. Your staff has mere seconds to expertly connect callers and provide an optimal experience.

Most practices, however, are dropping the ball on this initial interaction and leaking calls at an alarming rate — before patients even reach someone who can help them.

In our upcoming exclusive webinar, Matt Cooke will offer operational and technical recommendations for overcoming gaps in connection. He'll provide background as to the importance of connection, as well as tips to optimize phone handling techniques and capture more appointments.

In this webinar you'll learn:

The clear distinction between answering and connecting patient calls.
Operational techniques to overcome connection challenges.
Technical recommendations to eliminate constraints in connection.
Specific data points and trends to monitor regularly.
Watch the recorded webinar.
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Prior to his last 5 years with Call Box, Matt worked at Epic Systems and has consulted with healthcare organizations of all sizes across the United States. Specializing in communications, change management, and enterprise growth, he is passionate about fusing technology and people to improve patient outcomes and experiences.