5 Hacks
to Build an Effective Phone Script for Your Practice

In a typical healthcare practice, front office staff are often juggling numerous responsibilities at once. Often, manning the phone simply isn't top of mind.

What's worse, when staff do handle scheduling conversations over the phone, they often are unprepared and leave patients feeling dissatisfied with the help received. This results in poor patient experience and low appointment conversions.

In our exclusive webinar, Matt Cooke will offer five proven hacks for developing an effective phone script that is customizable to your practice. He'll provide recommendations to prepare your team to expertly handle scheduling calls in the midst of chaos, as well as specific techniques to drive increased appointment conversions over the phone.

In this webinar you'll learn:

Five crucial tips for developing a proven phone script.
How to customize phone scripts to fit your unique practice.
The importance of preparation when it comes to phone handling.
Recommendations for ongoing training with your staff.
Proven phone techniques that result in increased conversions.
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Prior to his last 5 years with Call Box, Matt worked at Epic Systems and has consulted with healthcare organizations of all sizes across the United States. Specializing in communications, change management, and enterprise growth, he is passionate about fusing technology and people to improve patient outcomes and experiences.