Taking a Closer Look: 5 Insightful Healthcare Phone Trends from 2022

2022 has come to an end and the data is in!

In this highly anticipated industry report, Call Box provides the top phone trends of 2022 compiled from thousands of phone calls across hundreds of practice partners. The resulting study presents five insightful healthcare phone trends, shares specific data points to evaluate phone performance metrics, and offers effective recommendations to improve your phone handling and increase booked appointments going into 2023.

In this in-depth study, you'll discover:

The top 5 phone trends observed in 2022 after reviewing thousands of practices' phone metrics.

Where advancements in phone processes have been made and where improvement is still needed.

How the phone can benefit the patient experience and keep patients coming back.

Detailed data to help make informed decisions on business processes.

Actionable steps to achieve ongoing improvement to your phone handling.

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