20 Minutes to Prepare Your Practice's Phone Processes for 2024

It is inevitable. Technology and AI are running the world, and if you don't adapt quickly, your practice will fall behind. However, instead of fearing this change, you can lean into the powerful tools at your fingertips to ensure your phone processes are top-notch and ready to thrive in 2024.

Join our exclusive 20-minute session to discover the essential steps and KPIs to ensure your phone processes are up to speed.

In this power-packed session, you'll unlock insights that will elevate your call connection, number of appointments booked, and strategies to improve overall patient experience.

In 20 minutes or less you'll uncover:

State of the healthcare industry in 2023.

Marketing KPIs you need to be consistently tracking and recommended benchmarks for the new year.

Staffing tips from Call Box experts to ensure you are handling phone training at your organization.

Essential steps to implement immediately to boost your connection performance and capture more patients in 2024.

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A Dallas native, Chelsey graduated from Southern Methodist University in 2015, with a degree in Biological Sciences, and a minor in Mandarin Chinese. She worked as a Microbiology Technologist at Medical City of Dallas. Chelsey now works at Call Box as a Client Sucess Consultant. Her mission is to help healthcare organizations learn customer service skills, gain the knowledge to convert more opportunities on the phone, and increase their bottom line through more booked appointments.