How to Expertly Handle the 4 Most Common Scheduling Objections on the Phone

Your front desk or call center staff are often the first individuals your patients interact with when calling your practice. Many phone handlers, however, lack the necessary preparation and training to expertly guide patients to an appointment and navigate objections when it comes to scheduling. It's not that the interaction isn't pleasant; it's that the interaction ends without the optimal call outcome.

In our exclusive webinar series, Shallyn Hatcher will uncover the four most common scheduling objections and how to expertly overcome them on the phone. She'll provide proven scripting techniques, as well as detailed training recommendations, to practice with your team and guidance on how to use data to drive improvement.

In four 30-minute sessions, Shallyn will address how to overcome the following scheduling objections:

Insurance objections

Pricing objections

Calendar and schedule objections

Non-committal objections (“I'll call you back later…”)

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As a Business Development Specialist at Call Box, Shallyn consults with healthcare clients to help drive better patient experiences and outcomes over the phone. Graduating with degrees in Public Relations & Digital Marketing from Miami University of Ohio, Shallyn is passionate about developing effective communication strategies and messaging geared toward patient acquisition and retention.