4 Phone
Handling Habits
of Highly Effective Practices
A majority of all patient interactions with your practice occur over the phone. Organizations that leverage the phone effectively hold a distinct advantage that leads to consistent growth.

Most healthcare practices, however, are operating with significant leaks in their phone handling processes. In fact, an average of 85% of patient phone calls never result in a booked appointment.

In our upcoming exclusive webinar, Matt Cooke will guide you through four essential best practices to uncover and resolve leaks in your phone processes. He'll provide tips to optimize phone handling and capture more appointments over the phone.

In this webinar you'll learn:

Four crucial habits to combat problem areas on the phone
Proven methods for increasing booked appointments
Practical connection techniques to ensure every patient has an exceptional phone experience
How to create a healthy culture of phone accountability among your team
Watch the recorded webinar.
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Prior to his last 5 years with Call Box, Matt worked at Epic Systems and has consulted with healthcare organizations of all sizes across the United States. Specializing in communications, change management, and enterprise growth, he is passionate about fusing technology and people to improve patient outcomes and experiences.