Call Box Texting for Veterinary Practices
Effectively Coordinate No-Contact Care During COVID-19

The events of COVID-19 have dramatically changed the way veterinary practices conduct pet care and treatment. Offices now require a no-contact solution to quickly and effectively coordinate the drop-off and pick-up of pets. Most practices are relying on phone calls to coordinate this distanced care, which results in congested phone lines and a frustrating experience for both staff and pet owners.

As a way to support veterinary practices and help navigate this challenging time, Call Box is offering a single textable phone number to communicate with pet owners via SMS and MMS messaging.

In doing so, staff are able to seamlessly coordinate drop-offs and pick-ups with pet owners and efficiently provide necessary care from a distance. The texting platform can be accessed from cell phones, tablets, computers, or any other connected device.

Veterinary practices leverage texting for a variety of uses including:

Coordinating drop-offs and pick-ups
Eliminating crowded waiting rooms
Sending reminders for upcoming appointments
Rescheduling appointments
Notifying pet owners of new health & safety procedures
Announcing promotional campaigns
Providing pictures during boarding or daycare services
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