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Call Box is redefining what it means to have an authentic culture with real growth opportunities for employees at all stages. For the interviews below, we caught up with team members on the Field Sales team.
Sarah Thomas
Sarah Suddreth
Jake Wilker
Nathan Jennings
"Call Box's fast-paced environment offers its employees years of experience in a much shorter amount of time. It will press your threshold but advance you faster than anywhere else." - Nathan Jennings, Executive Vice President, Sales
Why Call Box? Sarah T: It's fast paced, full of smart, hard-working people and provides lots of opportunity to grow. Never bored. I learn something new everyday. Jake: In the span of only a few years, I feel I have gained a lifetime of experience. The skills I have sharpened to be able to think on my feet and adapt to everyday changes, along with the energy created in the sales room, has put me in the best position possible for my career. Sarah S: The people. I had another opportunity with a brand recognized company but was more excited about working with the folks at Call Box.
"I am really proud that Call Box has maintained its innovative culture while building an efficient training program. It must be effective, because our people learn really fast."
Patrick Elverum, COO
How does Call Box grow and develop its people? Sarah T: We truly care about our people. There is a lot of support, mentorship and training because we move so fast. Individuals grow quickly because they are encouraged to take on new challenges and aren't afraid to fail. Jake: If you show genuine curiosity to learn, the great part is Call Box has created a terrific playbook that has proven to drive fast results. The playbook was created by taking the best tips of our most successful people and we are constantly growing to make sure we are putting our Account Executives in the best position to flourish. Nathan: We focus on a few things when someone joins Call Box: a playbook to follow, repetition, and mentoring by those that have been in your shoes and succeeded.
"Professional development shouldn't be confused with micromanaging. I think we do a good job of pouring into our people while also expecting them to step up to the plate themselves." - Mike Haeg, Vice President Automotive
What kind of Professional Development did you receive?
Sarah T: Networking events and trade shows, public speaking and presenting practice, company-wide reading allowance ($$) that allows us to study together and actually implement what we learn.
Jake: It has never stopped. I constantly find myself taking advantage of our reading allowance or having someone share a great article I should read. I have also found myself presenting in front of rooms filled with 100 people, or sitting in a training by one of our developers learning about HTML. There is ample opportunities to learn something new everyday.
Sarah S: I started prior to an outside sales (or really any sales team) existed. I was asked to pursue an opportunity in outside sales when we made an outside hire to head up a sales division here. It put me outside of my comfort zone and helped me develop an entirely new skill set.
"You'll struggle here if you're still spending most of your day passively waiting for a new email that gives you something to do."
Reid Wakefield, CEO
Describe the Account Executive role Sarah T: I get to manage my own territory by developing relationships and creating partnerships with vendor partners, and helping our clients fill a major gap in their business. Jake: Whether I am presenting to C-level executives for a Dealership Group, working a conference, or pounding the phones; I am constantly working to drive revenue in my territory. Being based out of the Dallas office, I get to hear what others around me are doing well and try it out to see if it works for me.
What do you enjoy about the Account Executive Role? Sarah T: Meeting and engaging new people all the time. I also love delivering a solution that our clients really need. Jake: Though I am given plenty of support from consultants and managers, my favorite part is how I perform is purely up to me. The satisfaction gained as you build relationships and meet new clients in your territory is amazing as it was built from your own hardwork.
What's your advice to an ambitious, new Account Executive? Nathan: The most successful people here are the ones that aren't afraid to ask questions. Approach everything with curiosity. Sarah T: Your only limit at Call Box is yourself. Work consistently hard and you will be rewarded! Jake: Push yourself to leave no stone un-turned and learn from every meeting you leave. It took a genuine effort for me to succeed here, but trusting that I was doing the right activities and executing the playbook eventually lead to me breaking through. Sarah S: The best AEs are those that take a lot of initiative and responsibility without being asked or assigned. You're working closely with a group of your peers on challenging projects and things are often chaotic. The ability to juggle multiple things at once is important.
Is there a particular dynamic that makes the sales team successful? Jake: I think the rest of the office may have think we get a tad loud (especially during one of our Peak Weeks), but it is intoxicating to be around. We all push each other every single month to make last month look like nothing. The competitive nature is essential for me, but the genuine push to see others succeed is the exact type of team atmosphere I have always looked for. Sarah T: It's a great combination of individual autonomy within a supportive team environment. We work hard to reach significant milestones and have fun celebrating our efforts when we get there!
"Be brave. Lean into things that feel uncomfortable and scary." - Patrick Elverum, COO

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