Website Calls Update: Now Available for Multi-Location Websites

Call Box is excited to introduce an innovative update to our Website Calls feature that provides group practices deeper insight into individual location's phone calls when a single website is shared among offices!

Previously, Website Calls linked to one number on your website and rotated that number per browsing session. This allowed practices with one location or phone number to determine a patient's online journey and session history leading to a phone call. Now, multiple numbers on your website can rotate with each browsing session. This enables practices with more than one location to leverage the feature and gain access into in-depth reporting on patients' session history to understand the digital journey that led to a phone call.

With Website Calls, you're able to:

  • Follow a patient's digital journey to understand which originating sources are driving legitimate opportunities.
  • Determine which referring sources are most successful at bringing patient opportunities to your website.
  • Access reporting on how call conversions are coming in from a Google Ad, as well as exactly what campaign, adgroup, and keyword drove them.
  • Track phone calls alongside your other marketing goals and events with seamless integration into Google Analytics.

This valuable insight is now accessible whether you have one location or many listed on your website! Furthermore, Call Box provides Website Calls reporting within each practice's individual Call Box account. In doing so, managers can seamlessly access their own office's data and confidently take action on the information as well as compare their metrics with others within their group.

If you have more than one office or are looking to expand your practice, Website Calls can offer the detailed insight you need to make smarter campaign decisions and adjustments to your marketing efforts. Contact us to see if your site is ready to be set up with Website Calls by emailing content@callbox.com or calling our Support Team at 214-446-7867.