Routing Your Patient Calls to Remote Staff During COVID-19

As many practices adjust their operations to a remote workforce during COVID-19, the ability to effectively route patient calls to off-site staff becomes crucial. Despite recent events, patients are still calling their providers to ask medical inquiries, reschedule appointments, schedule new appointments, handle billing concerns, and more.

If you've chosen to utilize an off-site call center or your own remote staff to handle patient calls during this time, Call Box allows you to quickly update your call routing to get your patients connected to the right person who can provide assistance.

Call Box's Support Team is ready and waiting to help you implement any remote routing adjustments you wish to make to your phone lines — simply call 214-446-7867 or email content@callbox.com. That said, you also have the ability to make these changes immediately in your account. Below you'll find the 4 steps needed to update your call routing to get patients connected to remote staff.

  1. In your Call Box account, click the Tracking Lines pod under Configuration.

  2. Select the specific tracking line(s) you want to route to your remote staff. In this case, we're updating the Google tracking line to route to the cell phone of a staff member who is handling calls from home.

  3. Under “Routing” select Direct Ring-To. In the “Direct Ring To Number” box, enter the cell phone number of the remote staff member you're routing patient calls to. In the “Whisper” box, we recommend entering a specific phrase, such as Uptown office, that will inform staff that this is a patient call from a particular location when they pick up the phone. Hit Save Line when you're done.

  4. Repeat for all lines you want routed to your off-site staff.

If you have any questions or would like to implement more advanced routing profiles, such as multi-rings (ringing multiple staff members at once) or round robins (rotate calls across staff members) for offices with multiple remote individuals, contact Call Box Support at 214-446-7867 or email content@callbox.com. Our team is here to support you, your practice, and your patients in any way we can during this challenging time.