Creating Custom Schedule-Based Call Routing During COVID-19

As many healthcare practices adjust their hours during the COVID-19 pandemic, it remains vital that patients stay informed of schedule changes and callers are routed appropriately. Whether you're limiting your hours of operation or closing certain offices entirely, Call Box allows you to make time-based call routing adjustments within minutes.

Many of our clients have chosen to route callers to open locations, call centers, voicemail and/or greeting lines, or cell phones during times of closure. This ensures patients are never left without the help or information they need during this uncertain time.

Call Box's Support Team is ready and waiting to help you implement any customized scheduling changes you need to your call routing, but you also have the ability to make these changes immediately in your account. Below you'll find the 8 steps needed to create a custom schedule, or call our support team at 214-446-7867 or email content@callbox.com for assistance.

To make time-based routing changes in Call Box:

  1. Go to the green Tracking Lines pod under Configuration.

  2. Click Routing Profiles.

  3. To create a new schedule, select New Routing Profile and click the Create button, located next to the Scheduling option.

  4. Name the schedule (i.e. “Coronavirus Schedule,” “Holiday Schedule,” “Main Line Schedule,” etc.) and enter the primary ring-to number. This should be the practice's main line during normal business hours unless you have another location, cell phone, or voicemail/infoline you wish to be routing your patients to during normal operating hours.

  5. Click on Add a Schedule Change.

    • Select the day.
    • Enter the time that the schedule should start. For instance, enter 10:00 AM if the practice now opens at 10:00 AM.
    • Enter the primary ring-to number (see step 4).
    • Confirm the schedule change.
  6. To add the time that calls should stop routing to the primary ring-to number, repeat step 5. This time, however, you'll enter the time that calls should start rerouting to a different number (such as a call center, cell phone, alternative location, or voicemail/infoline).

    • Select the day.
    • Enter the time that the calls should reroute to another number. For instance, if calls should route to a call center when the office closes at 3:00 PM, enter 3:00 PM for the time instead of 10:00 AM.
    • Enter the ring-to number. This should be different from the primary ring-to number. If calls should route to the call center, enter the call center's 10-digit phone number.
    • Confirm the schedule change.
  7. Repeat steps 5-6 for each day of the week that this schedule would apply to.
  8. Test the schedule at various times to ensure calls are routing as anticipated.

Call Box is here to help you, your practice, and your patients during this difficult time. Please don't hesitate to call 214-446-7867 or email content@callbox.com if we can assist in any way.