Are You Saying Your Name?

Call Box is excited to announce enhancements made to its call association process so every phone call received at your practice can be assigned to the proper staff. This solution complements the power of artificial intelligence assigning calls through Voice Recognition. To take advantage of this enhancement, your staff needs to be saying their names on the phone!

Not only does this enhancement assist in clearing out your unassigned calls, but it will also improve patient experience! The initial greeting is arguably the most essential portion of any call. If your staff answer the phone with a cold “Hello?” or “Please hold,” the patient is unlikely to feel like a priority at your practice and may assume that’s the same experience they will have throughout the appointment. Call Box recommends all staff state their name, practice location, and ask how they can help as they answer the phone. This typically looks like: “Good morning! This is Stephanie with 123 Dental. How can I help you?”

This improved greeting checks a few essential boxes. Your staff creates a personal connection by putting a name to the voice, they confirm the patient is calling the intended location, and they build rapport by giving the patient an opening to explain their reason for calling.

As you continue to make a proper introduction a best practice, take the following initiatives to ensure calls are simultaneously being assigned:

    - Update your name in your staff profile! If you go by Jenny and not Jennifer or Will and not William, it is important your profile shows this.
    - Enroll all phone handling staff in Voice Recognition.
    - Update your staff list as new employees join, or leave, your team.

Our artificial intelligence uses both the sound of the staff's voice as well as their spoken name to accurately assign calls. If your staff does not say their name clearly at any point of the call, this lowers the rate of a call getting assigned to them! If it gets missed at the beginning of the call, be sure to say your name as you close the conversation when confirming contact information and upcoming appointment time.

Do you have unassigned calls in your Call Box account? Enroll staff in voice recognition HERE.

For questions regarding Voice Recognition, contact your Call Box consultant or Call Box Support.