The Defining Dental Phone Trends of 2019
How do your phone metrics stack up against the leading dental phone trends of 2019?
Data is power when it comes to optimizing your operations and achieving continuous growth at your dental practice. It's critical to understand where your metrics stand in relation to others in the industry so you can set clear goals for improvement.

Through an in-depth review of more than 800,000 phone calls, Call Box compiled the most pivotal phone handling trends of 2019 in dentistry, presented through the lens of its CRISP methodology.

The analytics found in the data study paint a picture of the dental phone handling landscape as it stands in 2019, and offers strategic recommendations for managerial consideration and improvement for the year ahead.

In this data study, you'll discover:

Detailed dental phone handling trends from 2019.
Specific areas where the industry is excelling on the phone.
Distinct metrics that require attention and improvement in 2020.
Necessary insight to set your own phone performance goals.
Recommendations to overcome common phone handling challenges.
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