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Call Box Announces Newly Designed and Simplified Website Conversion Reports

DALLAS, February 13, 2023 — Call Box introduced a newly designed Website Conversion Report that provides visibility on the originating source for calls placed by patients directly from a dealership’s website or Google Ad by using data-tracking insight.

As the industry-leading call tracking and phone solutions provider, Call Box understands the importance of powerful data, yet believes that doctors and practice owners shouldn’t need an advanced marketing degree to understand that data. That is why the Website Conversion Report is designed to show the various paid sources patients are clicking from to reach a practice’s website and initiate a phone call. Furthermore, phone calls are analyzed to reveal true appointment opportunities and evaluate the success of online placements.

By focusing on a simplified way to deliver powerful data, Call Box’s human review and artificial intelligence categorization identifies actionable opportunities for new patient acquisition. The Conversion Report’s clear and concise data can:

  • Categorize appointment opportunities and booked appointments by paid source, UTM variable, and call extension
  • Compare Session and Call Conversion trends easily by combining them into one graph
  • Provide UTM reporting for visibility into calls based on extension
  • Compare paid calls to total calls for context of paid conversions
  • Locate calls from ads, Call Extensions, in a separate section
  • Download all data in readily available report

“Reading confusing data reports and analytics can be overwhelming and time consuming for busy doctors or practice owners,” Executive Vice President of Product and Marketing Jackie Bowers explains. “We at Call Box know that the phones are important when it comes to booking new appointments, so we decided to create a streamlined report that provides insight on what sources these calls are coming from. Our hope is that this encourages our clients to feel empowered to take charge of their data and get actionable results.”

Call Box prides itself on being the healthcare industry’s leader when it comes to making data accessible and actionable. Being at the forefront of technology, Call Box continues to break barriers and find solutions to generate optimal phone performance for its clients. To see the newly designed Website Conversion Reports, log into Call Box and click the Website Conversion report from the Dashboard or sidebar.