How Healthcare Practices Are Managing a Drastic Increase in Call Volume with Fewer Resources as a Result of COVID-19

Between February and June of 2020, healthcare practices experienced a dramatic shift in the way they conducted patient care due to the events of COVID-19. With additional precautions and coordination now required to see patients, practices saw a dramatic spike in their patient call volume. In fact, on average, practices received 69% more phone calls from patients in June than February of 2020.

In the following data study, Call Box compiles actionable insight by evaluating phone calls from 1,450 healthcare practices in North America. The resulting study sheds a light on the common phone trends practices are experiencing when it comes to managing high call volume with fewer overall resources. Furthermore, the study provides practical methodologies used by top healthcare practices to effectively handle a sharp increase in patient phone calls.

In this data study, you'll discover:

An in-depth comparison of phone trends in Feb vs. June of 2020.

Detailed insight into how COVID-19 has affected patient call volume.

Recommendations for managing a sharp increase in calls.

Proven techniques to maintain or improve connection performance.

Common challenges practices encounter handling high call volume.

Transparent data to make more informed decisions regarding your call volume and resource allocation.

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