Developing Leaders

Call Box is redefining what it means to have an authentic culture with real growth opportunities for employees at all stages. For the interviews below, we caught up with team members who started their careers with Call Box as Associate Consultants. See what they get up to now!
Kerry Senior Consultant
Started at Call Box in 2015
Number of roles held: 2
Sarah Sales Account Executive
Started at Call Box in 2011
Number of roles held: 5
Mike Vice President Automotive
Started at Call Box in 2010
Number of roles held: 5
Zach Automotive Partnership Manager
Started at Call Box in 2015
Number of roles held: 3
Brandon Consulting Manager
Started at Call Box in 2015
Number of roles held: 5
Mary Product Marketing Manager
Started at Call Box in 2013
Number of roles held: 4
"Call Box's fast-paced environment offers its employees years of experience in a much shorter amount of time. It will press your threshold but advance you faster than anywhere else." - Nathan Jennings, Executive Vice President, Sales
Why Call Box? Kerry: Call Box has made me responsible for some of our biggest clients - within just 2 years of working here. That's exactly what I was looking for when I took a consulting role. Sarah: The people. I had another opportunity with a brand-recognized company but was more excited about working with the folks at Call Box. Zach: It's very satisfying to work for a company that's constantly winning. This fast-paced growth also means ample amount of opportunities for individuals to grow within the company. Mary: I've worked the 80 hour/week jobs, I've worked the 9-5 jobs, and I've worked at jobs with no hope of change. There's no place like Call Box. Here, I have the freedom to try anything without fear of failure, tackle giant problems in my own way, and be surrounded by people that are fighting alongside me. Call Box is home.
"I am really proud that Call Box has maintained its innovative culture while building an efficient training program. It must be effective, because our people learn really fast."
Patrick Elverum, COO
What do you do today and how did you get here? Mike: I manage the Automotive Department. That means a lot but most importantly, I:
  1. Help our clients get better on the phone.
  2. Help our own people improve their skills to be great.
  3. Tackle really hard challenges that pop up every day.
Frankly, b Is the most fun to be a part of, and it's fun because b helps a and c.
Sarah: I'm in sales but I started prior to any sales team had existed at Call Box. I was asked to pursue an opportunity in outside sales. It put me outside of my comfort zone but ultimately, helped me develop an entirely new skill set. Zach: I manage our automotive partnerships and more recently have started managing special projects assigned by our CEO. I'm coming off a recruiting trip to the Philippines where I sought out employees to help fuel our call-reviewing software. Mary: I am responsible for growing our current clients - meaning, I make sure that we are creating the right message when they are ready to better Own the Phone.
CEO Reid Wakefield (left) delivering a presentation family style at the annual Call Box summit and Brandon Owens (right) playing some serious volleyball at a Call Box milestone celebration party.
How does Call Box develop its people? Kerry: The best lessons I have learned are from interacting with our clients. Call Box embraces both failures and successes. This allows you to have the freedom to take risks and chances. Mike: We pour ourselves into them. We put people in positions where they can succeed and we provide meaningful feedback. Sometimes that is fun, sometimes that is hard, but it's always meant to help our people grow. Brandon: Call box holds firm to the idea that the best way to learn is to DO. We are eager to see people courageously jump in to tackle tough problems. If those people fail, we're right there to debrief so they can jump back in as soon as possible. The faster you fail, the faster you learn.
"I can't stress enough how amazing Call Box is for one's early career development." - Mike Haeg, Vice President Automotive
Call Box team members celebrate after a tough day of competition at the Fit Company Challenge.
What's it like to be an Associate Consultant? Mike: It's challenging but a great path in one's career development. We ask a lot of our ACs quickly. You balance learning new technology and new industries with high expectations. Several important attributes are quickly tested: phone communication, face-to-face communication, problem solving, competitiveness, hustle, team work, and the ability to stay Above the Line. Zach: This position is fun because there's a major component of camaraderie. Given almost everyone has zero background in telephony technologies, your class of consultants are all starting at the ground level. It's exciting to grow alongside of your class Brandon: Being an Associate Consultant can grow your career quickly. Within a couple months our consultants are helping multi-million dollar businesses improve their processes.
Account Executive Sarah Thomas (left) talking with a customer in front of a Vegas backdrop. Call Box team members (right) share a laugh during AGB day.
"You'll struggle here if you're still spending most of your day
passively waiting for a new email that gives you something to do."
- Reid Wakefield, CEO
Which roles are available after Associate Consultant? Kerry: The options are endless. If there is a position that doesn't exist that you think is a good idea, you have the freedom to pitch that to your manager. I've seen that happen quite a bit at Call Box. Mike: Major Account Consultant. Car Wars Regional Trainer. Sales. Management. XYZ Job Role that doesn't exist right now but will once you create it. Brandon: We have seen Associate Consultants promoted to every department in the company. From Senior Consulting, to Sales, to Marketing, to software development, the possibilities are wide open.
Call Box celebrating at the annual AGB party.
What kind of professional development have you received? Kerry: I've had the opportunity to present in front of large audiences, including some of the highest executives of the top automotive companies. As a consultant, your presentation skills are one of the most important skills to have. Improving this skill has set me up to be very successful. Mike: You name it, I've received it. Professional development shouldn't be confused with micromanaging. I think we do a good job of pouring into our people while also expecting them to step up to the plate themselves. I can't do an AC's job for her. My job is to position her in the right place for success. My job is to ensure she knows what success is and looks like. Her job is effort and dedication to improvement. Combine all that and we'll be in a good spot. Brandon: I am a part of our leadership development program. This is an internal group of 10 people working through a curriculum that was personally developed by our CEO. I have been given multiple opportunities to go solve tough problems autonomously. Mary: I've received tough but always encouraging feedback. Most importantly, there's consistently an open door whenever I have a question, concern or idea. Every time I've sought out growth, I've been welcomed with open arms.
Some of the Call Box team bring out their winter apparel at a Dallas Stars hockey game.
What's your best advice to a new AC who is ambitious and anxious to make an impact? Kerry: Be fearless. Attach yourself to everything. Show effort everyday. Force your managers to notice you. Sarah: The best ACs are those that take a lot of initiative and responsibility without being asked or assigned. Brandon: Be the absolute best at the position you're in right now. Don't leave any doubt that you are head and shoulders above the rest. Alongside that, look for every opportunity to jump in and attack tough problems. When you see one, be the first to raise your hand and jump in.
"Be brave. Lean into things that feel uncomfortable and scary." - Patrick Elverum, COO

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